18. February 2024

Anglo-German service provides generous support for those in need in Paderborn and the UK

Worshipers to the popular Anglo-German Christmas service in Paderborn Cathedral and around the world via the live stream on YouTube once again showed great compassion for those in need: the collection of impressive 3,500 euros get donated in equal parts to PaderMahlZeit in Paderborn and the Army Benevolent Fund (ABF) in the UK.

The PaderMahlZeit restaurant at Heiersstraße 18 in Paderborn serves free meals to people who cannot (or can no longer) afford them despite being on social security. The Soldiers’ Charity ABF in North Yorkshire in England supports soldiers, veterans and their families who are in real need.

At the handover to PaderMahlZeit, Winfried Nölkensmeier, Chairman of PaderMahlZeit, and Monsignor Joachim Göbel, Provost, were delighted with the donation: “In our restaurant, every cent goes 1:1 to the needy. We work exclusively with volunteers, without any administrative effort. We can make good use of the money and would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone!” The representatives of the Anglo-German Club Paderborn, Angie Reeh and Volker Greaves, are also deeply impressed by the willingness to donate: “It’s wonderful that so many people have opened their hearts and wallets wide to help those in need from near and far”.

The donation is the result of the collection from the Anglo-German Christmas Carol Service, which is traditionally organised by the Anglo-German Club Paderborn, the British Armed Forces in Sennelager and the Metropolitan Chapter in the run-up to Christmas. The ecumenical service was led by the Anglican Reverend Josefa “Joe” Mairara, the Roman Catholic Auxiliary Bishop Matthias König and the Protestant Pastor Dr Eckhard Düker. A special highlight was the British Army Band Catterick under the musical direction of Captain Benjamin Ruffer, who had travelled from Great Britain. The Paderborn choir “Zwischentöne” also sang with friends.

Photo: (from left) Volker Greaves (Anglo-German Club Paderborn), Winfried Nölkensmeier (PaderMahlZeit), Angie Reeh (Anglo-German Club) and cathedral provost Joachim Göbel are delighted that 3,500 euros were donated to those in need at the Anglo-German service in Paderborn Cathedral. (Photo: Jürgen Behlke)

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