23. February 2020

Visit to the University of Paderborn by the Anglo-German Club on May 3rd, 2018

The University of Paderborn visited by the Anglo-German Club on May 3rd, 2018 at the invitation of Christoph Schön, the head of the office of the Presidium University Network & Fundraising. Over 40 members experienced a very informative tour through various areas of the university. We were greeted by the Vice President for International Relations, Prof. Dr. Torsten Meier, with an english report on the dynamic development of the Paderborn University.

The presentation of the English Linguistics Course by Professor Dr. Ilka Mindt was particularly exciting for the club members. She gave a lecture on “English language change in the age of digitization and innovation”. Using some examples such as  “Google” or “Techlash” has shown the change in word meanings over the past few decades.

The topic “visual e-learning” was also discussed by Dr. Thomas Strauch, head of the area for “Media and Practical Media Training” and explained impressively. By visiting a “green box” in the television studio of the information and media center, the members were able to understand the production of digital films.

The special integration and inclusion project “Haxterpark”, which is unique in Germany in the field of golf, was presented by Helmut Böhmer, the president of the University Golf Club. This project gives people with disabilities equal access to sport and at the same time creates jobs for people with disabilities through sport.

At the end there was a joint dinner to which the university had invited us – many thanks to our club member Christoph Schoen for this too! The speaker Prof. Dr. had a particularly nice surprise to the Anglo-German Club: she handed us her membership application!


Visit University Golfclub May 2018

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